People and Groups in our Churches

The Vicar

Our new Priest-in-Charge, the Reverend Linda MacDermott, is being Licensed at St James Church on Thursday 7th July 2022 at 7.30pm..

The Parochial Church Council

Who are we?
Please keep the members of the PCC in your prayers:  Simon Richardson, Howard Lucas, Juliette Dale, Sarah Coton, Julia Lucas, Kiri Harbottle, Neil Johnson, Pauline Kemp, David Johnston, Richard Lane, Allyson Richardson and Trevor Lloyd-Adams.

The PCC MEETS NEXT on 12th July 2022.

Copies of the Minutes of our PCC meetings are available here.

Our vision:

A welcoming and inclusive church family: growing and sharing God’s love; caring for everyone; protecting creation; and transforming its community.


Our priorities

-          Sharing God’s love every day through our words, deeds, prayers and worship.

-          Welcoming and connecting with all in our community, focussing particularly on children, young people and families.

-          Developing a closer relationship with God and each other.

-          Actively protecting the environment as a custodian of God’s creation.

-          Responding to and engaging with our community to transform our parish by sharing God’s love.

To find out more about the work in our parish over the past year, please read our Annual Report 2021

The Friends of St James (FoSJ)

What do FoSJ do?
The Friends of St James' was formed to raise funds to restore and preserve St James’ Church for all; the young and old, visitors both regular and occasional, and those who simply wish to preserve our heritage for posterity.

We are a registered charity (No: 1133470) and have already raised a considerable sum to support the restoration of the tower and exterior of the church. Having mad the Church weatherproof we have moved on to repair plasterwork, redecorate the interior of the Church and clean the Rood Screen with it;s impressive figures. The Chancel arch was cleaned and the topmost medallion revealed after over 40 years of having been covered up, mistakenly, by decorators in the 1970's.

Our next big fundraising effort will be for the organ which needs a complete overhaul and rebuild, as well as for one or two smaller projects which need attention. We will be holding a variety of fundraising events over the next year with this in mind.

How can you help?
Other than by coming along to support our events you can become a member of FoSJ by simply making a one-off donation of £10. By becoming a member you can be assured that you will be first to hear of planned events.

If you can offer practical help, please contact the Chairman, Richard Lane.

The Senior Choir

Who are we?
We are a mixed ability group of people who like singing, and together we lead the Sunday worship at St James' on most Sunday mornings at 10:30am, and prepare special music for the significant Feasts which occur throughout the Church's year. Although we are the Senior Choir, there are no age requirements or restrictions; the title 'senior' merely identifies us as separate from the Youth Choir. Young people are especially welcome.

Our Organist and Choirmaster is Matthew Smallwood. We are looking to recruit new members to the senior choir, come along on a Tuesday at 6.00pm to meet Matthew and get to know the choir.

Who can join?
Anyone who would like to sing - you don't necessarily need to have any experience or read music (although these things are an advantage naturally). More important is a willingness to learn, and a good sense of humour (this will develop very quickly once you join us!) There are 22 members at present, singing Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. Perhaps just a third read music, and come with some experience. You can come along to observe practice, or have a go, on a Tuesday evening (18.15-19.30)  without any obligation.  Although there is no formal 'audition', acceptance into the choir is at the discretion of the Choirmaster.

Our Aims
Our number one aim is to 'sing with the spirit and with understanding to enhance the worship of God in our church'.

We also seek to constantly learn and improve our musical and spiritual understanding.

Last, but certainly not least, we are a community, we enjoy our time together, and we are like a large family.

What sort of things do we do?
You'd be surprised! Our main repertoire is drawn from the wealth of standard church music, crossing all centuries and styles. We try to sing lots of different styles, and the choice of music is governed by the time of year.

Music by: Bach, Mozart, Handel; Rutter, Chilcott, Kendrick; world music and gospel.

We also sing some secular music (that means not churchy!) - about once every three years the Junior and Senior Choirs put on a joint concert. This allows us to explore some non-church music. Our recent concert included 'The Sound of Music', 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', and even 'Bohemian Rhapsody'!!

What else do we do?
We sometimes take our singing out and about. At Christmas time we sing carols at local Care homes, and the local pubs. We make occasional visits to St Peter's to sing (especially around St Peter's Day). We take part with other singers in the annual Choral Festival at Coventry Cathedral, and events organised by the Royal School of Church Music

The Bellringers

The ringers meet on Wednesdays at 19:30 to 21:00 for ringing practice. We also ring before Sunday morning services at 10:00 all year round. We have a nice ring of 6 bells, of which one is very historic, having been cast by the Bagleys in a field in Northamptonshire in the middle of the 17th Century.

We have around a dozen regular Ringers at various levels. We ring 'Bob Doubles' well and we are working on 'Bob Minor Grandsire' 'St Simons' and 'Reverse Canterbury Pleasure'. We also have several team members who are most comfortable with rounds, call changes and 'Plain Hunting'.

New Members are always welcome, whether you have rung before or are a complete beginner. Being a regular church-goer is not a pre-requisite, some of us are and some of us aren't, but we all try to make a contribution to the life of the Church, by joining in with the wider activities of the Parish.

We are a friendly bunch, we have fun, we work hard on our ringing and we enjoy going for a quick drink at The Baraset after practice. Contact Julia Lucas for more details or come along on a Wednesday.

Please contact the Bell Captain, John Harbottle, for more information.