Welcome to St. James Church, Alveston

This Thursday the Eucharist service at 

10.30 am is  being held in the Old Church not at St James'

(11th August 2022)

Rev Diane Patterson

This Sunday is the 

Ninth Sunday After Trinity

(14th August)

9.15 am EUCHARIST at St.Peter's

10.30 am PARISH EUCHARIST at St.James'

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St. James' is temporarily not open for private prayer during the day.

The Church is open for church services.

Who are we?

A welcoming and inclusive church family which grows and shares God’s love; cares for every
individual; protects God’s creation; and is rooted meaningfully in its community.
We are part of the Church of England in the diocese of Coventry. We are ordinary people who recognise that everyone needs friendship, inspiration, motivation and energy to live out the Christian faith. We don't have all the answers but we have a desire to journey together and learn as we go.

Safeguarding is at the core of what we do, and details of safeguarding in our parish can be found here.

We have two buildings in which we meet, a beautiful traditional church in the village of Alveston and a smaller more modern and multi purpose building in Manor Road. Both buildings need care and attention, sometimes taking up a lot of energy and money but we try to focus on the people in our church families as a priority.

We have a vision, seeking to help people encounter God and engage more fully with Him through lots of different opportunities. We aim to serve and support those in our church family and in the wider community and we want to work together to bring about Gods kingdom of love and justice and reconciliation.

Our Sunday services are Eucharistically centred, seeing the need for us to meet together and eat together to refuel us for the days ahead. We have lots of other opportunities to meet together during the week, some social and some focused more on our spiritual development.



Can you help support our Parish?

We have many areas needing new volunteers to help with the weekly running of services and to keep our community engaged and supported.

Intercessions -  At our 10.30am services our prayers (the 'intercessions') are led by a team of volunteers.  We are keen to expand this team, not least so that our prayers continue to reflect a range of different styles and approaches.  Currently, each person on the team leads our prayers once or twice each quarter.  We do provide guidance and advice on how to write and deliver them.  If you might be interested in joining this team, or starting a team to lead prayers at our other services please do chat to Neil Johnson who coordinates the team. pneil.johnson@btinternet.com

Our Mission

Following the 8 Essential Qualities survey that we undertook last year, we have looked again at the 6 key areas of our Mission and the leaves of our 'growing in the right direction' tree.
  • Spiritual
  • Caring
  • Sociable
  • Visible
  • Welcoming
  • Sustaining

We feel that the slightly new wording addresses some of our priorities with regard to the 8 Essential Qualities, particularly that of 'Passionate Spirituality'.

Offering opportunities for church members to integrate their faith into all areas of their life.  To develop our prayer life, so we can see personal and corporate prayer empower the ministry of our church.  To provide opportunities for people to learn how to use the Bible as a guidebook in daily life.  To work with the Vicar to provide worship that is inspirational, engaging and gives everyone an opportunity to connect with God during that time.
Jesus said people would know we are his disciples by our love.  Practical demonstration of love builds authentic Christian community and brings others into God’s kingdom.   We will provide support to those in our community going through life changing events, particularly bereavement. 
Jesus was often inviting himself to meals and attending parties.  We want to experience laughter at church gatherings, deepen our relationships and give thanks for the life that we live.    
Intentionally working with all people so they can become followers of Jesus Christ, particularly but not exclusively through our music and environmental ministries. Providing opportunities for church members to develop relationships with people in our community.
We accept that everyone is different and encourage church members to build kind and encouraging relationships with those in our church community and our wider community.  We want to hear praise and compliments influencing the atmosphere of our church.  We will support those families that are encountering our church through Baptism, Confirmation and marriage.
The Church is the living Body of Christ.  Like all health organisms it requires numerous systems which work together to fulfil its intended purpose. We will build links with local employers, raise funds for projects, and encourage church members to develop their discipleship through their generosity.     .

Prayer for the Week

Gracious Father,
revive your Church in our day,
and make her holy, strong and faithful, 
for your glory's sake
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

A History of St. James Church

There has been a church in Alveston for over a thousand years; the boundary of the parish was set in the year 983AD.

The Saxon community of the overlord 'Aenwulf' was situated close to the river where there was a ford across the Avon, the chancel of the Old Church still remains down Mill Lane and is surrounded by old graves. It is still used on Thursday mornings from Easter until the end of British Summer Time.

In 1837 a new young Queen came to the throne inaugurating a new era, the well to do residents of the ‘Alveston Villas’ looked at their little old Church and decided they needed something more fitting in which to worship. They consulted Leamington architect William Walker who felt that a new Church on a new site would be best. Land was obtained and a simple Church with Tower and apsaidal East End was designed and built. On 16th May, 1839, the Lord Bishop of Worcester came to consecrate the new Church. In 1876 new Vicar, William Barnard, added the chancel, Lady Chapel and Vestry to the East End, no doubt to accommodate a ‘robed’ choir, as was then the fashion. This work, the East window and some of the other stained glass, were all designed by local stained glass artist turned Architect, Frederick Preedy. Barnards’ successor, Peter Llewellyn, added further to the Church in the early years of the 20th Century with the impressive Choir Screen with Crucifix and Rood figures of Mary and John the Divine, and the elaborately stencilled paintwork of the chancel roof which used also to cover the walls of the chancel.

Later in the 20th Century, as the result of a bequest, modern facilities were provided in the base of the tower, a new main entrance created at the west end of the south aisle, and a useful upstairs meeting room and ground floor narthex installed. These changes have enabled us to accommodate much of our children’s’ work.

The village was a largely rural, agricultural settlement, the river valley land being very fertile, and the only large house was Alveston House on the site of the original Saxon Lord’s ‘Hall’. It wasn’t until the early years of the 19th Century that the larger houses began to appear in the village. Baraset was the first, just at the end of the 18th Century, the land was a gift from the Crown to William Judd Harding, who had been a Judge working for the East India Company, in gratitude for the work he had done establishing British justice in India. The others followed, ‘Alveston Leys’; ‘Avonmore House’, now known as ‘Kissing Tree House’; ‘Hemingford House’, now the youth hostel; and others along the road towards Tiddington, ‘The Red House’, which was built by Barnard to be his Vicarage; ‘Avoncliffe’; ‘Tiddington House’; and in Tiddington itself ‘Avonhurst’.

You can read more about the history of the village in a newly published book by Brian Johnson, 'Just Six Square Miles'. CLICK HERE for details.

The Old Church in Alveston, Mill Lane (below):