At St James'...

...we welcome babies and children as an important part of our church family. We are happy for them to be active and vocal participants in worship and are delighted when they take a toddle around to explore and meet people. We provide play spaces for babies and toddlers, so that families can worship together, and also separate activities for young children.

We see children as the church of today not tomorrow.


Our version of Sunday School which meets at 10.15 in the Upper Room at St. James' 


Sunday Mornings at St James'


We have two spaces downstairs where children can play.

There's a space within the church, small and a bit squashy but a place to go if you want to stay within the service.

And then a bigger space where an adult is present to support the play and where toddlers can play while the older members of their family are taking part in the service. There are a variety of suitable toys and quite often a simple Christian themed craft activity.

Parents and children can come and go between the service and play spaces as we recognise that sitting still and quiet is not high on a toddlers list of things to do.


We have a brilliant space upstairs at the back of church where we run our 'Southbank Club' named because we are on the south banks of the river.

We have a session for Key Stage 1 and 2 children which runs alongside the 10:30 service. The session follows the same theme as the service downstairs and includes an activity, a story, some time for prayer and sometimes a song. We usually make something but our activities try to be child led so we will often try to find toys, games or resources with which the children want to get involved. Parents are welcome to stay with their children or leave them with the 2 adults running the session.

The children come downstairs to join the service for communion or a blessing. They can then choose to stay with their family or come back upstairs to finish off or help tidy up.

After the service we enjoy a biscuit (or three!) and juice with everyone else in church.

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