Who are we?

Please keep the members of the PCC in your prayers: Jenny Cobley, Simon Richardson, Juliette Dale, Ann Denby, David Johnston, Jacqui Scrimshire, Martin Grubb, Julie Bellamy, Kathryn Whittlestone, Sarah Coton, Hilary Mills-Baker, Joan McFarlane and Trevor Lloyd-Adams.

The next PCC meeting is Tuesday 11th July, minutes are available via e-mail, contact the PCC Secretary if you would like one. kwhittlestone@btinternet.com

As a Parish we want to be known for:

the warm, open and inclusive welcome that we offer

the way in which we care for members of the parish, understanding their needs and valuing their contributions

inspiring worship - spiritual worship that is enlightening and strengthening and that challenges sensitively

the way in which we serve our local community


To achieve this:

We want to reach out more effectively to everyone in the parish to encourage and support people who might like to become part of our church.

We realise that church services can be challenging if you’re not used to them. Therefore we want to try to make our services more inclusive.

To help us become a key part of our local neighbourhood we want to understand the needs of the people in this area and ways in which we can try to address them.

We also want to develop ourselves as a church community. To do this we need a strong foundation – so we want to develop our own approach to prayer and to strengthen our discipleship. We also want to offer opportunities for everyone to feel part of a small group within our church – these groups offer a variety of different approaches to develop a relationship with God.

To make all of this happen we need to help church members to identify and use the gifts and talents that each has, we need to ensure that we have the resources in place to sustain the Parish, and the PCC needs to ensure that it is working in a way that ‘makes things happen’.

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